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Beaujolais Map


Beaujolais. bow·zhuh·lay.

What is Beaujolais you may ask. 


Only the quaintest and most wonderful under-celebrated winemaking region in the south of France. Situated not far from its big and more well-known sister, Burgundy, the landscape anomaly is home to a French Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (AOC or translated to "controlled designation of origin") wine made from the delightful gamay grape (and in more recent years, Chardonnay). 

Beaujolais (the wine not the region) is typically light bodied, perfumed, high acidity, easy drinking and best served chilled on a hot summer's day. 

Full disclosure: Father, our big business dad, may also have a soft-spot for Beaujolais thanks to the winemaking process the region made famous: carbonic maceration The use of this style of anaerobic fermentation in coffee and the accompanying proliferation of exceptional, fruit-driven, comp-winning lots means we owe generations of Beaujolais winemakers a very tasty debt.

Beaujolais Fest '23 Gallery

As a traditional harvest celebration, the winemakers of Beaujolais ferment part of the year's harvest for only a few short weeks before being released for drinking on the third Thursday of November. This far south of France though, no one drinks barrels of French wine on the third Thursday of November and we're not particularly fans of wines fermented for a mere two weeks. We're more Drink-Barrels-of-Properly-Aged-French-Wine-On-Saturday-Afternoon-People.

Which is exactly what we did on 18th November 2023. And here is the photographic evidence of that. Feel free to download and share to your heart's content.

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